New Zealand creatives shaping
design, tech & business

A production of Massey University, 
College of Creative Arts

Hosted by Philip Fierlinger

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About Alchemy

Alchemy is a podcast featuring New Zealand creatives working in design, tech and business. We’ll introduce you to the people shaping our industry so you can discover their insights, their struggles, and their breakthroughs, with a uniquely New Zealand perspective.

Hosted by Philip Fierlinger, co-founder and former head of design at Xero. Philip is an investor and advisor for a variety of design led startups around the world. He is also an Adjunct Professor at Massey University.

This podcast is a production of Massey University, College of Creative Arts helping students connect with professionals in the field, to learn how they approach problems, generate ideas and produce amazing work.

Theme music for the show was created by Solomon Crook, a student of commercial music at Massey.


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