Natasha Lampard
Webstock, Co-founder
Creating a feast for the eyes, heart and mind

Natasha Lampard is a major reason Webstock is one of the world’s top design and tech conferences. She explains how her passion for the web intersected with her childhood fondness for throwing parties to create a festival that attracts the most talented, inspiring leaders in the industry to come from around the world to New Zealand to share their expertise and their stories.

Tash does everything with a lot of heart and soul. You experience that when you go to Webstock and it's what's so inspiring about our conversation.  

Some key themes emerged from our conversation that I want to highlight:

  • First off, the importance of giving a damn: sweating the details, constantly improving your craft, deeply caring about the impact of your decisions, and staying focused on who will be impacted by those decisions.
  • Which leads to the next theme. As makers, the work we do is in service of others. Our work needs to serve a wide range of people, who don’t all think the same, don’t all look the same and don’t all behave the same. Natasha describes her belief in a Japanese philosophy called Omotenashi – a spirit of service and hospitality. We have to be mindful of the responsibility we have as makers to think about the long term impact on society, not just our short term personal gains.
  • And finally, the power of words. How words are the starting point for great ideas, words inspire people, words set a mood, words also connect us, words help us understand the greater good that we can all achieve together.

Below are links to some of the people, ideas and talks we discussed:

“If you're in a good space, your brain opens up to absorbing so much knowledge and thinking about the possibilities of your own work, of yourself as part of something much bigger.”

Natasha, describing the magic of Webstock

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