Sonya Williams
Sharesies, Co-founder
A master class in launching a startup

Hear the story of how Sharesies came to be. Their app makes investing super easy and cheap, starting with as little as $5.

Sharesies launched to great success just 9 months after the idea was formed. Their approach is a master class in building and growing a startup.

Here are just a few reasons for their success, that Sonya and I discuss in depth:

  • They spent a lot of time doing customer research and market validation
  • They developed product-market fit before building their product
  • They used their research phase as a way of growing a large following
  • Sonya is Chief Officer of both product and marketing, a very unusual combo – you’ll hear why that’s so important
  • They started with 7 co-founders, which gave them some distinct advantages, not least of which was gender diversity
  • They established their company values very early on, which helped them make pivotal decisions
“Sometimes you can get into building stuff people don’t like or don’t want, when an email would have done. Or you can spend heaps of money on campaigns to highlight something your product should have just done in the first place. What you decide to build is really important and I think it’s about having all the inputs you need to make the decisions.”

Sonya, on why it’s essential to combine product and marketing

PS. In the interview, Sonya talks about an app that filters job descriptions for gender bias. That app is Textio